Parking & Commuting

We will be offering a FREE shuttle service to and from the park to make getting to the festival easier! This will be the easiest and most effective way to get down to the festival.

Parking can become very difficult to find at Riverbend park, so we highly recommend using this shuttle service! The locations listed have plenty of parking making finding somewhere to park hassle free!


Pickup Locations:

Palisade High School

Taylor Elementary

Mount Garfield Middle School

* The Above locations will have parking available after 4 pm on Friday. Parking will be available all day Saturday!

Paid Parking:

600 Alberta Avenue- $10 parking

Shuttle service will be doing pick up from here as well


Feel free to use the locations listed above as parking locations even if you are not wanting to use the shuttle service!

The Palisade Pedicab is a bike shuttle service that will also be running during Peach Fest making them another great option to use! They will be providing their shuttle service for FREE thanks to their sponsor Atlasta Solar!

Riverbend Park:

There is parking available at Riverbend park, but it is very important to remember that it fills up fast.