Colorado’s greatest concentration of orchards and wineries resides in Palisade. Although well known as the Peach Capital of Colorado, the Palisade area also produces a delicious bounty of apples, apricots, cherries, pears, plums, melons, chili peppers, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and more. Fresh produce, as well as packaged fruit products, are abundant at roadside stands and orchards throughout the area.

Palisade’s agricul­tural businesses offer a great opportunity to learn firsthand how fruit, wine and farm products are grown from the ground up, then prepared and sent to market. Take your pick of tours: orchards and farms, vineyards and wineries, brewery or distillery. Indoor tours of wineries, distillery and brewery operations capture the craftsmanship of beverage-making. In addition, you can learn about lavender uses, milling alpaca wool, hops processing, packing ripe peaches, conventional and organic orchards, packaged fruit producers, fruit stands, and vineyards brimming with an assortment of wine grapes.

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An excellent way to experience the agri-tours and recreational opportunities of Palisade is with a guided tour. See the Chamber Business Directory for a complete list.